Glacier Monitoring


In a world increasingly aware of environmental impact, glacier monitoring becomes crucial to understand and prevent the risks related to climate change.

Avacam rents landslide monitoring devices and offer a technologically advanced solution for glacier monitoring.

Image of a snow-covered glacier
Avacam device monitoring a village in the mountains

the solution

The case of our device is made of steel and aluminium, it is usually fixed to a pole with plate and counterplate. This ensures its resistance, which is ideal for the altitude of the mountains at the level of the glacier, where there are often strong winds. Inside the device there is a temperature controller, an essential element to prevent that the glass fogs up and to secure that the images remain sharp even at extreme temperatures.

The GEO T8 has been designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions of glaciers and allows you to receive accurate and timely data on movements and temperature variations. 

Not only does this facilitate scientific research, but it also helps local communities in preventing natural disasters, ensuring greater safety.