Landslide monitoring


In Italy, landslides is a serious risk for people and territory, therefore requires continuous surveillance where they could occur. Their frequency is rising and becomes increasingly connected to the growth of the number of extreme weather events.

With over 600,000 identified landslides and about 8% of the national territory involved, landslides represent one of the main natural problems in Italy, with significant impact on the population, infrastructure, cultural heritage and economy in general. Their number is expected to increase in the following years, especially in relation to the frequent extreme weather events. 

Avacam device monitoring the side of the mountain
Image of Avacam's device in the case

the solution

In this context, the remote landslide photo-monitoring plays a key role in monitoring these phenomena (evaluating ongoing deforming trends to identify the state of activity), in their control (supporting project management to verify the effectiveness over time of any stabilisation intervention) and in emergency (developing methodologies and alert procedures when such events threaten human life).